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What Is a Live Wire Learning Community?

A Live Wire Learning Community unites schools, libraries, community centers and families to help each learner reach his or her full potential. This collaborative approach blends teaching and learning to reach across the bounds of time and place.   

While there are, and should be, infinite possibilities for building a Live Wire Learning Community, the  following are core components of the program:

  • Inspirational Messaging: Use storytelling to ignite a love of learning and to give courage & inspiration to never give up.
  • Common Tools: Provide software that can scale for accessibility to all community learning partners.
  • Cross-Sector Professional Development/Community of Practice: Provide educators across the community quality support — as well as a way to connect, communicate, share & collaborate
  • Community Learning Project: Create a common project that leverages the tools & professional development in the LiveWire Community, modeling creative, experiential and purposeful learning.   (e.g. World Problem Solvers Alliance)

Key to the Live Wire Program Success: Community

The operative word in the LiveWire Learning Community Project is COMMUNITY. Our mission is to connect not only the places we learn (schools, libraries, community centers and homes) – but to connect learners & educators in all of those places.  

We want to make it easier to provide the tools for “anytime-anywhere” learning. And we know that it will take EVERYONE in the community to help all learners navigate their full potential. Working together, we will transform historic silos of education into a learning community that supports students before school, after school, days, nights and weekends and during the summer. 

As each Live Wire Learning Community comes on-line, this Program section of the website will be used as a place to share best practices, serve up virtual/cross-sector professional development and publish projects/books/media created by each learning community.  

Check this page in the months to come to see how communities are lighting up learning across the nation!  

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